Since 2006 Pattaya Job Centre has helped thousands of jobseekers find work in Pattaya. We’ve met a lot of jobseekers in Pattaya in person at the Pattaya Job Centre office in Central Pattaya, we’ve spoken to many on the phone and replied to many more via email.

During that time our website became the number one job portal in Pattaya for jobseekers. We have upgraded the website so it becomes a better experience for jobseekers and employers, ensuring everyone benefits from the new and improved features that are covered below. By using our free Pattaya job search online, you have made us number one and that’s why the best employers choose are service every time.

Features for Registered Jobseekers

Submit Resume

Our number one tip for jobseekers is to complete the online resume feature and upload a photo and CV. Employers will often select jobseekers who have completed the online resume feature, so make sure you get the best job for your skills by taking the time to complete your online resume.

Manage Resumes

The resume manager makes it easy for you to apply for jobs in Pattaya on our online portal. The employer will receive an email to view your resume. Jobseekers who fill out the online resume and add photo are at a better advantage than jobseekers who just apply by email.

Job Alerts

Can’t find the job your looking for just yet? Our Pattaya job alert feature allows you to set a search criteria that suits your job needs. When we list a new job on the website, and it meets your search criteria, you’ll receive an email and you can view the new job listing.

Job Search

Since 2006 Pattaya Job Centre has spent a great deal of time building and fine tuning the job search function. Now you can search for jobs using Keywords, Multiple Categories and Location. This is the best job search in Pattaya. No other site comes close.

Employer Index

You can view current and active employers on our easy to use employer index. We keep everything up-to-date, and avoid listing filled or expired jobs.


The bookmarks make it easy for you to save your favourite jobs.